i/Win Solutions' purpose is to provide affordable and functional solutions for disaster recovery. Many businesses today are not adequately secured in case of an emergency, or their existing solutions have not been properly tested. A disaster will cause an interruption in production from which, according to Gartner, it will be hard or in most cases impossible to recover from. i/Win Solutions provides customers with the security and opportunity to restart production within one or two days time.

The Hurwitz Group states that if a business is unoperative for a week, 43% of those will never be able to start up again and 29% of the remaining companies will cease to be within a two-year period.

Gartner claim that 93% of all companies that experience a significant loss of data wil be out of business within five years.

How can you avoid to be among those businesses? Does your company need to improve its' backup-routines? Maybe get a better disaster recovery ensurance? "Of course" you might say "but how and at what cost?"

i/Win Solutions provides you with answers to these questions. Get in touch with us today to receive an informationpack where we present solutions to your problems with backup to disk, external backup and quick restore after a disaster. Our solution works for most environments and for customers who work in mixed environments - with both IBM iSeries and Windows-servers - we can do this in just one operation.