A disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. The cause can be human error, fire, flooding, technical error or even sabotage. Regardless; the most important thing for any business after a disaster is to be able to get back to work as soon as possible. i/Win Solutions can help you do that within 24 hours.

Plenty of companies will prioritize to secure businessrelated routines these days. Many have well thought out plans for how this should be executed and also performs tests to make sure it actually works, while others rely completely on backup tapes with no reoccuring tests. We believe that this is hasardous behavior.

According to a marketstudy performed by Gartner only 60 percent of businesses have a plan for getting through up to seven days of downtime. The question is; what will they do when those seven days have passed and the business still isn't up and running? What happens to the remaining 40 percent? Companies that take their time to plan disaster recovery often manage to get though a disaster with very little or no loss of data, hardware and revenue. This is critical to maintain the faith and confidence of their customers and investors.

With the technology available today, we have developed solutions for backup to disk, external backup and quick restore after a disaster. The unique thing about us is that we, through our products and solutions, can offer our services to nearly all environments and especially to those who use both IBM-servers and Windows-servers within an interactive environment.

The market is heading full speed towards a future where backup is no longer saved to tape, but to disk. This brings many advantages and with the technology we possess today we are now able to mass-store at our client's facilities. Through deduplication the amount of data is effeciently reduced from both IBM- and Windows-environments, after which it is replicated to us for "warm" storage through an encrypted connection. This enables us to maintain a complete copy of our clients data, programmes and profiles at any time.